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 The idea of the blog came to our minds after the constant misunderstanding of us and our decisions by our families, after deciding our way of life as a Muslim. Our parents and loved once, not only can’t understand us, but also accept our choices and rights. Our families and their relationships with us, give us pain and wound our hearth and home, which is the basic cell of life and the most important element for each of us.

 Every day we follow the example of the life of the prophets and messengers and with the help of great teachers we develop culturally, emotionally and professionally, we realize our dreams and our passion, while enjoying many blessings from God.

 As a husband, I have a big accountable for maintain and educate my family, and our loved ones make it difficult for us to function normally. My own mother, because of being a Catholic, doesn’t want to talk to one of my wives, although they may speak Polish and she favors my Ukrainian wife at the expense of Polish one.

 My Ukrainian “quarter” herself is struggling with family problems and the misery of her family, but without her consent I will not elaborate the obvious attitude of the so-called “Jehovah’s Witnesses” relation to the  Muslims.

 Amal, on the way to me to Ramadan, on the train was stereotyped treated by train passengers, those who have requested a change of compartment using the life threat argument from “Islamic Terrorist” only on the basis of wearing a hijab.

 As a 30-year-old woman of filigree stature, she was isluted by grandmothers and co-passengers, and at the border she was asked to take off the hijab for identification as if the fingerprints were not sufficient proof of her identity.

 Events in Poland and in the world from last few months have caused our fears about our identity due to the fact that 2/3 we are from Poland and the attitude of our nation to Ukraine leaves a lot to be desired.

 As a Muslim of Polish descent we feel much better than in your own country.  Not to mention my concerns about my second wife, which is due to an unusual beauty and Ukrainian accent would be exposed to mockery and intolerance of compatriots from Poland.