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The family of our three …

 We warmly welcome all of you and wish you a pleasant reading, hoping that our history and work will help many Poles and our brothers and sisters in Islam to better understand and understand cultural differences that are so much a barrier to happiness for so many.

 As a Polish-Ukrainian Muslim family, we encounter many obstacles of different kinds. That is why, in a positive message, we would like to share our daily life and its charms in the unusual situations that surround us.

 Our family enjoys the support only of our brothers and sisters of Muslims, because neither our families nor our loved ones understand our happiness.

 Multiculti is our nature, but in our case, we are not perceived as multiculturists, which is a problem for us, and we would like to bring this to the attention of every “Smith” or “John Smith”. A problem similar to ours is perceived in fifty shades of gray across the world and raises all sorts of controversies and debates about what Islam is.

 As a three-person family who speaks five languages ​​daily to communicate with four of our members, we have a number of interesting observations that attract not only our attention, but also our general interest in the environment.

 As our hobby we like to learn, develop and share the good, because only good things multiply when it divides.

 As part of the support of our brothers and sisters in Poland and around the world, we maintain anonymity in the interests of the safety and happiness of our family. We regret joining the fight against people who are called “Muslims” and harm the image of what Islam is.

Assalamu Alejkum!