170609 – Amal with a trip in to the unknown…

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 Today was Jumma’s wonderful day for family and our community. A day in which we can especially enjoy being close to our family, our brothers and sisters. That is why we went with Amal for a trip to a town a few dozen kilometers away, to spend the weekend surrounded by my second “quarter” and our brothers from the region.

As might be expected, we were welcomed with great care and all assistance and support provided from overnight accommodation to medical assistance, not to mention wonderful hospitality, caring and caring even in the simplest of matters. Without any effort not to look at the fact of fasting or hot weather surrounding us, brothers entertains us time and they  helped tame the new environment for Amal. Amal felt deeply surprised at how she could feel safe in a small village far away from urban agglomerations Not being humble as a Muslim on the streets or bazaars, when people referred to us simply naurally without prejudice to our religion.

Amal didn’t expect that she will feel so comfortable and safe surrounded by so many men from so many different parts of the world. Somalia, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and others. Sama confessed that “Polishness” did not allow her to feel simply in the midst of so many brethren being the only woman in our circle, because many people in this region do not fulfill the supper in the gathering of only the comfort of home fire.

The most wonderful thing that has given us great relief and joy is the simplicity of how little human need is for happiness. The surroundings of close people who understand the duties and laws entrusted to us from God and the power of unity and peace in this wonderful month, in which we enjoy so many blessings from God. When we can show our gratitude for all the good and gifts we often do not even appreciate in our daily lives. Taking advantage of this opportunity Amal wants to get to know Amina’s family more and get closer to our family by learning about her roots and loved ones. I hope to take her for a walk tomorrow and show her where we had the first meeting of walks and tell her how wonderful we were given by God to meet my dear Aminka.

Amal is very interested in her immediate surroundings, but the language barrier prevents free communication with members of the Amina family. Due to the serious health problems of one of our family members, we will not worry about unnecessary worries and will be able to feel as a true tour guide and being close to any help may help.

Assalamu Alejukm