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The idea of the blog came to our minds after the constant misunderstanding of our families and our decisions after deciding our way of life as a Muslim. Our parents and loved ones not only can not understand us but also accept our choices and rights. Our families and their relationships with us give us pain and wound our home fireplace, which is the primary cell of life and the most important element for every one of us.

Our work

It is thanks to work that man learns about himself and his life, it is work that teaches us humility and gratitude to God, develops our bodies, minds and souls. It is with every drop of sweat we experience cleansing, which gives us satisfaction and satisfaction with even the smallest successes and invaluable conclusions of our failures.

Our life

“What is the difference in the life of a Muslim family from others?” We answer like Many people think that Islam is a way of renunciation and for us it is a simple and transparent way. Thanks to Islam we can distinguish good from evil, what is harmful from healthy, and to separate the right from what people today are wandering about without knowing what and what they are aiming for.

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Islam is the religion of all prophets and messengers often confused with a young religion. This is the religion of Adam, Moses, Noah or Jesus. We admit all the prophets and follow the last law passed to the last Prophet Muhammed, The blue book has not been contaminated and has been preserved entirely in many parts of the world.


As individuals who do not come from Muslim families, we enjoy the special honor given to us by God. Thanks to how we were brought up and how we want to educate our children, it is easier for us to observe and understand the contrasts so often overlooked by others. We are faced with new challenges arising from cultural differences, etc.


After parents it is teachers who have the greatest impact on ourselves and our families. It is through teachers that we enrich our ideals and knowledge or skills. The most important stage in the development of every human being is the desire to know and understand the world that surrounds us. It is thanks to our teachers that we are laying the foundation for our children and we are bringing up our children with them.

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